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TOP 5 MEDICARE MYTHS I know the whole idea of a government health insurance is appealing, especially if you have given a significant part of your earnings each pay period, but what if some of the conceptions you have about the program aren't accurate? READ MORE >>

Do I have to sign up for Medicare if I’m still working? Probably not but it depends. If you are still working after you turn 65 (or your spouse is still working) for a company with 20 full-time workers AND you get creditable health insurance from them, you may not need to enroll in Medicare when you turn 65. READ MORE >>

Arizona Medicare Supplement Quotes   Did you know you can change Medicare Supplement plans anytime during the year?  You do NOT have to wait for the Annual Election Period (AEP) from October 15th - December 7th.    Insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverage. READ MORE >>

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